Pascion from the label BAMN.ENT is a Dutch Reggae artist, composer and songwriter. From the young age of 12 Pascion started writing lyrics about his every day life and experiences as a inner city youth.

At the begining he wrote tracks mainly on Hip Hop Beats, he later found out it wasnt the right path for him. Two years ago he decided to make a switch from producing Hip Hop tracks to producing Reggae tracks because the way he could express himself in an more positive way in Reggae.

Being a Man from Sweetlake City / The Hague, The Netherlands, Pascion chose Reggae as the way for him. Reggae music had always been a great influence in his life, made him the man he is today. It always gave him inspiration to write down what was going on in his mind and his everyday life, it was the right music to express himself, let his toughts be heard, his message pass trough but most important bring positity in the more serious aspects of his music.

Pascion has been performing and gaining experience on stage for a few years now. He is an artist that is ready to hit the big stage, ready to go international. Some people define his music as Roots Reggae with Hip Hop influences but rebel music is what it most certainly is and will remain. Since Pascion made the switch from Hip Hop to Reggae music his career received a boost and he performed on a lot of gigs, stages and festivals including the Kwaku Summer Festival, Future Reggae Ruigoord, Mundial Festival, Reggae Geel, Smile antwerp festival, Reggae Central and MekItBurn festival. On the 18th of April 2015 he won the Benelux Reggae Contest of the Best MC.

As a member of BAMN.Ent (By.Any.Means.Neccesary.Entertainment) he is working to bring out his debut album “War of Worlds”.

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