J Encore

J Encore

Birth Name:Jeaneaux Xavier Cleavant Rigters

aka: J Encore

Born:The Hague



Instruments:Vocals –Keyboard-Drums


Jeaneaux Xavier Cleavant Rigters was born on December 31, 1986, at a Bethlehem Hospital in The Hague.His Parents from Suriname but moved to the Netherlands, when J Encore was a baby. they moved several times.

Jeaneaux Xavier Cleavant Rigters enjoyed writing listening to music and poems as a student playing with words, and as time went by he began writing lyrics inspired by self experiences and street life in his native where he grew up. At the age of 7 he played  violin. Back in the day when we still had a cassettedeck.He used to record his raps on cassettes that he took from his Big Brother and with his Niece he did radioshows that were also recorded on the cassettes and the radio show was called juice. .When he was 11 Years he borrowed a 2pac cd from his older cousin . After listening to this work of art and the way 2pac expresses himself threw music with a message

J Encore encountered music at a very young age, due to his family.His Grand Father was a Lead Singer.J Encore also began crafting his rapping skills at an early age: J Encore claims to have written his first verse when he was 11 years old, to the beat of 2Pac i wonder if heaven got a ghetto”: “I was like, I can do this; I’ll try it out. From that moment I’ve had a very keen interest in the whole craft. Being a big fan of words and making the real connection with them. Saying things that can make your minds eye open up. I can say something and I can turn heads.” Freestyling everywhere he could continued on as a hobby for J Encore , “I  wanted to be magnificent with my raps  I was growing a passion for it.


After his first single “Give it a try ” J Encore (CEO OF By.Any.Means.Necessary Entertainment B.A.M.N Entertainment)is back with his new single “One life to live”. Taken from the new album “The Ballet or the bullet” the song “one life 2 live” is pretty self explanatory it speaks about having one life to live, living it to the fullest,taking the right opportunities and choices and striving through the ups and downs to remain successful in life.

With his tour dates for the album “Let it be Known” still to come, he is busy on tour with one of his co-signs from the label BAMN.ENT. They will be available tour dates above where you can find members of B.A.M.N.ENT.

A single soon to be broadcasted on the radio internationally, its message is to stay focused on the path to success , greatness, wealth, glory, fame, riches, ups and downs in life. Being the CEO of By.Any.Means.Necessary.ENTertainment Studio J ENCORE is also an all round musician, rapper, singer, producer, beatmaker, composer, songwriter, vocalist who has acknowledgement of how to play the violin. With many talents he remains humble therefore is the man to work with, listen to and support because he deserves to be on the top, deserves to be heard and supported by the voice of the people. By.Any.Means.Necessary. Entertainment is more than a label, it is a movement, a way of thinking an ambition for success a lifestyle and mentality by any means necessary.


Who u work with past present:

I worked mostly with myself and made some featurings here and there

With several artists not well known yet but upcoming.




In The Present:Jay Z , Joyner Lucas, Rick Ross,Bruno  Mars, most of the artists of Atlantic Records






record producer


Your genre

Hip Hop



My Goals is to be a 3x Platinum records selling artist and whatever i can achieve with music

Well known because of his craft, writin and passion for music

Tour around the world

Show versatility

Release singles mixtapes  and albums

Develop And grow as a Artist (artist development)

Expand my fanbase to millions

Sell Merchandise (Caps , Hoodies and T-Shirts)

Collab with major artists

Various media outlets

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