Clays Cassius

Clays Cassius

Nitin Naigi also known as Clayz Cassius (Producer/Beatmaker) born in Paramaribo Suriname in south America, Moved with his parents at the age of three to Amsterdam, The Netherlands. After Moving through several cities, his home-town became The Hague City . He grew up in a lot of different neighbourhoods but mainly in the Schilderswijk. He Loved sport and being outdoors.

Clayz Cassius was already involved in music since he was a baby. His dad was a regional
singer/drummer and in his family music is a common thing, everybody practices it. Since a young boy
he dreamed of getting on stage and slam the drums. As he played his pots and pans, he was singing in kitchen cabinets and bathrooms as a daily routine. On school Clayz was an enthusiastic student who loved music/theatre
as much as science and physics.

Throughout his pre-teen years he learned himself, along with some help of his dad and school, to use instruments.
And at the age of 12 he discovered some pc programs which gave him access to music mixing,
Editing and composing . However this was only a way of ´playing´ till the age of 16. This was the time it started,
at one point he met music partner J_Encore Founder CEO BAMN.

As a producer of BAMN (By Any Means Necessary) he already made a lot of productions for several artist of different genres, unreleased and released soon. A majority of those will be published. His portfolio and musical interest goes from (new-school) Hip-hop, EDM, reggae and dancehall to soul and R&B-like productions. Basically his talent allows him to create whatever you like.

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