J Encore

J Encore

After his first single “Give it a try ” J Encore (CEO OF By.Any.Means.Necessary Entertainment B.A.M.N Entertainment)is back with his new single “One Day”. Taken from the lastest Ep “Let It Be Known Vol.1” the song “One Day” is pretty self explanatory it speaks about having one life to live, living it to the fullest,taking the right opportunities and choices and striving through the ups and downs to remain successful in life.

A single soon to be broadcasted on the radio internationally, its message is to stay focused on the path to success , greatness, wealth, glory, fame, riches, ups and downs in life. Being the CEO of B.A.M.N ENT Studio J ENCORE is also an all round musician, rapper, singer, producer, beatmaker, composer, songwriter, vocalist who has acknowledgement of how to play the violin. With many talents he remains humble therefore is the man to work with, listen to and support because he deserves to be on the top, deserves to be heard and supported by the voice of the people. B.A.M.N ENT is more than a label, it is a movement, a way of thinking an ambition for success a lifestyle and mentality by any means necessary.

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