GMVP is a team of Suriname/Dutch record producers/Artists from The Hague City, Netherlands, consisting of Jeneaux ” J Encore” Rigters and Nitin “Clayz” Naigi.

GMVP is a innovative music producers team with alot of tricks up their sleeves and diversity with remaining the sound that makes GMVP. GMVP stand for G Hague Most Valuable Producers Produces primarly Westcoast type of beats with
old school and new skool influences. to go with the flow so to say. ”Be Like Water my Friend ”like Bruce Lee said’ They
Both Music Fans from the Start.

You can hear that back in their music productions and numerous vinyls from the 60’s,70’s and on from any kind of
musician in any genre GMVP was always on the lookout for new sounds to create their own sound.Starting from scratch, composing own sypmhonies and melodies playing the keyboard. To stand out and be different and original what makes
them the most valuable producers of The Hague City aka G Hague City

Music Influences:
Dr.Dre,DJ Quick,Battlecat,Timbaland,Ice Cube/2PAC.Big L, Big Punisher, Too Short,Snoop Dogg, The Dogg Pound,
Swizz Beats, Pharrel Williams,Kanye West, Isaac Hayes, Bill Withers ,Otis Redding,Curtis Mayfield, Ojay”s,Big L,90’s Era,Westcoast,G Funk , Nate Dogg R.I.P

Recent accomplishments:
– Productions for Magnum Opus:the Ballot or the Bullet Vol.1 and other artist – watch video –
– Any equipment or product endorsements
M Audio Axiom Pro 49, CME Keyboard, MPD24, FL 11, Sonar X2 and Cubase
– How many shows or tours have you done

WSHH Event The Sand Amsterdam
– Big project and collaborations coming up.
Magnum Opus:the Ballot or the Bullet Vol.1