Born on 23-12-1988 in Paramaribo Suriname. Impulse grew up with a family of 5. His mom, Dad a brother and sister. His sister left the family of personal issue, this had an impact on his emotions. He got a computer and downloaded some instrumental beats. With a friend of the family he started to write Hip Hop music to release some emotions.

At age of 14, Impulse met J Encore and started Free-styling on the square with the group SOD. SOD later on merged into Wisdom cash n’ poetry. With this group they  started recording and performing on stage.

At the age of 17 Impulse’s dad had a hard-attack and went back to Suriname with Impulse. Because of the situations in his live he continued to freestyle and write lyrics with friends to relieve emotions.

After 10 years he came back to the Netherlands.  Here he contacted J Encore, at that time J Encore already was busy with by any means necessary entertainment, so impulse talked to J Encore and emerged with BAMN Ent. And they decided to bring entertainment together and stand with one goal; By any means necessary. Recording, performing, giving workshops and writing his own lyrics making all kinds of music but mostly hip-hop rap.
His personal goal is to make his hobby his life his job and to provide for the family.

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